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The Auto Start Stop function and the coasting function accessible in conjunction with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission in the new BMW 3 Series Sedan also use data supplied by the optional navigation system with data from the standard Active Guard driving assistance systems' front camera. In this way, inefficient engine shutdown - for instance when stopping briefly at junctions or roundabouts - can be prevented. Movement of vehicles ahead is registered in order to determine the ideal moment for the Auto Start Stop function to stop and start the engine. The coasting function is now accessible when either ECO Pro or COMFORT mode is chosen using the Driving Experience Control switch between 9 and 99 mph. The efficiency-enhancing decoupling of the powertrain only occurs in driving situations where performance and comfort are not compromised. If the driver suddenly lifts off the accelerator, the powertrain stays connected so that engine braking can be used to support deceleration. For the identical reason, powertrain disconnection is also prevented when approaching a junction or a vehicle ahead. Intelligent connectivity allows the sport automatic transmission to adapt its shift strategy according to the route and driving situation. With the optional Navigation system, the 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission uses data from this system and from the Active Cruise Control system's radar sensor. This enables the transmission to avoid unnecessary gear changes when negotiating a series of fast corners and, when approaching a vehicle ahead, for example, to shift down early in order to use the engine braking to scrub off speed. The latest upgrade of this sport automatic transmission sees a higher wide gear spread, (from 7.8 to 8.2) increasing internal efficiency as well as improving vibration suppression. There is a new control unit and further enhanced gearshift dynamics. In addition to the optimized hydraulic control system, the shorter gearing for the lower ratios boosts the acceleration capability of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. The 8HP 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission delivers even shorter shift times and a Launch Control function for highly dynamic, traction optimized acceleration off the line than previous versions. The new 2019 BMW 330i and 330i xDrive Sedans are equipped with the 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission as standard. Shift paddles on the steering wheel allow manual gear selection

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The equipment lines offered as an alternative to standard Sport Line specification for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan enable further customization of the car's appearance. Carefully coordinated design and equipment features for the exterior and cabin allow the Sport Line model, Luxury Line model and M Sport model to focus higher intently on either the dynamic driving experience or luxurious elegance of the four-door sedan. As well as a line-specific front- and rear bumper design, they also come with exclusive light-alloy wheels in 18-inch formats, bespoke door sill strips and LED front fog lamps. The standard Sport Line model cabin, includes trim strips in high-gloss black and sports seats for the driver and front passenger. %%The Luxury Line uses chrome applications for the BMW kidney grille, front air intakes and rear apron to bring out the car's elegant side even higher prominently. Vernasca leather trim, Sensatec instrument panel and door trim, and fine wood cabin trim strips in high-gloss Ash grey brown enhance the interior's premium ambience. The M Sport model variant of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan is all about the complementing the car's handling and appearance. The Line's standard M Sport Suspension or optional Adaptive M Suspensions are enhanced by Variable Sport steering. This variant features larger air intakes in the front end and an equally distinctive design for the side skirts and rear bumper. These elements are joined by BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line trim, kidney grille bars in High-gloss Black, air intake trim in High-gloss Black and a rear diffuser in Dark Shadow. The design of the cabin is also focused one-hundred per cent on the car's sporty driving experience.

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Horizontal lines and the slim, stylishly darkened light units housing L-shaped LED taillights give the rear a wide and athletic stance. The T-shaped trim elements in the outer edges of the rear bumper - which also include a light function in the form of reflectors - mimic the design of the front air intakes on cars with standard specification and on Sport Line and Luxury Line models. The exhaust system's 80 or 90-millimeter (depending on the model variant) twin tailpipes play a role in the car's arrestingly sporty appearance.Choose from two non-metallic colors and ten metallic shades for the exterior of their new BMW 3 Series Sedan, including the new Portimao Blue metallic and Vermont Bronze metallic. Surface contours flow stylistically into the rear bumper from the side skirts and extend in an upwards movement via the rear lights up to the spoiler lip on the trunk lid. The vast BMW kidney grill elements are framed by a single surround and split up by wide bars that link to the headlight units. Technically sophisticated and visually smaller interpretations of the customary BMW twin headlights give them a road-focused stare. Their familiar two-way split is emphasized by an eye-catching notch in the front bumper that advances up into the headlight contour. Full-LED headlights come standard, while LED headlights with extended features and U-shaped daytime driving headlights are accessible as an option. The optional Adaptive LED headlights with BMW Laserlight stand apart with their hexagonal daytime driving light rings and blue, L-shaped elements in the inner and outer light sources. The hood is shaped by four contour lines flowing towards the BMW kidney grill. At its leading edge, it sits flush with the upper edge of the headlights and kidney grill. Below it, the front bumper has vast surfacing and a modern peer. The exterior design of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan combines precisely drawn lines and strikingly contoured surfaces to create a modern interpretation of the sporting aesthetic. 

This new design language supplies a clear showcase for the athletic character of the car. The new 3 Series Sedan is 2.9 inches longer than its predecessor, 0.6 inches wider and 0.5 inches taller. These dimensions lend the latest-generation model dynamically stretched proportions and a muscular stature. The car's 1.6 inch longer wheelbase and increased track widths of +1.7 inches front and +0.8 inches rear, meanwhile, have a direct and positive influence on its poise and agility. Both the optional front fog lamps and the Air Curtains are integrated into the outer air intakes, which are inserted into the front bumper in a horizontal T shape on Sport Line and Luxury Line models. This design was originally developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) for the intake air in jet engines and later became a feature on racing cars. The 3 Series hood, long wheelbase, short overhangs and elegantly flowing roofline accentuate its sporting profile when viewed from the side. A pair of character lines, which rise up to the rear of the car at door-handle level, strengthen the ocular impact made by the forward-surging body. A contour line near the side skirts guides the eye to the sculpted rear wheel arches. Another feature treated to a striking new look is the Hofmeister kink - the familiar counter-swing at the trailing edge of the side window graphic. A BMW hallmark, this element of the window frame is now integrated into the C-pillar, giving the rear doors a "freestanding" glass edge. The new design language majors on clear forms and precise lines, and this approach is also clear in the transition of the flanks into the car's rear end. In keeping with the sporting theme, the front end of the BMW 3 Series Sedan cuts a expanded, low-slung and aggressive figure.

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The newly designed instrument cluster and Control Display form a vast surfaced screen grouping, while the controls not included in these units are clustered into clearly structured function panels. The optional ambient lighting results in atmospherically rich illumination of the cabin, which can also be adjusted as desired. The standard sports seats provide very good lateral support and have an even greater range of adjustment. The instrument panel has a light modern consider, and its horizontal lines, high-quality electroplated trim strips and contours extending into the doors lend themselves to a feeling of width and elegance. The additional indirect lighting of the contour lines running along the instrument panel and the door paneling uses precisely positioned LED fiber-optic light guides to create a dynamic, exclusive mood. A total of six light colors and eleven combinations of brightness, light distribution and color scheme for all light sources in the cabin can be selected from the iDrive menu. In addition, the Dynamic cabin light function emits pulsating light signals in specific situations. These signals appear on the inner trim of an open door when the engine is running and on the instrument panel in response to an incoming phone call. Another of the optional ambient lighting's functions is the Welcome Light Carpet, which illuminates the approach to the doors when they are unlocked using the central locking or a door is opened. The coordinated design of the door trim, instrument panel and center console create an all-round feeling of scope and a sporting aura. BMW's new design language brings a clear arrangement of surfaces to the cabin of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. This emphasizes the increased spaciousness of the cabin and, together with the cockpit's focus on the driver, enhances their focus on the road in front. With their dynamic lines and clasp-style door openers, the front and rear door trim panels create a neatly coherent impression. In the center of the instrument panel, the displays and buttons for the air conditioning and the central air vents form a sharply designed unit, while the light functions are operated from a panel of buttons next to the steering wheel. The start/stop button for the engine is now positioned in a classy control panel in the center console, where the gearshift lever or newly designed selector lever is joined by the iDrive Controller and the buttons for the Driving Experience Control switch unit and electromechanical parking brake. The cabin of the new 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan was designed to offer a modern scope with a focus on driving enjoyment. 

The driver, the front rider and those traveling in the three rear seats will appreciate the special scope over the predecessor model, not just on long distance journeys but in everyday driving too. Higher quality materials, precise build quality and diverse meticulously crafted details set the tone for the refined premium character of the four-door sedan. The range of standard and optional cabin trim elements accessible for the instrument panel and center console has been almost fully replaced. As well as elegant open-pore fine wood choices, customers can elect for from finishes including Aluminum Mesh Effect. The new Vernasca leather upholstery accessible as an option has an exceptionally high quality feel. It comes in a package of five colors and includes particular decorative quilting and seam patterns, which vary according to the equipment line. Shoulder room in the front of the cabin has increased while passengers in the rear benefit from higher legroom, and all occupants now enjoy higher headroom than in the new BMW 3 Series Sedan's predecessor. Seating comfort in the rear has been improved significantly, and long journeys are now a higher comfortable experience for the rider in the middle of the three rear seats. Getting in and out of the car is now easier for the rear passengers in the iconic sedan, as the modified roof edge and side skirt contouring has increased the height of the door aperture, while the distance between the front and rear seats has been expanded by 0.4 inches. The rear compartment can accommodate a row of three child seats, two of which can be locked into place using ISOFIX anchor points. This is now an easier process, as the bars in question are positioned further to either side. Standard lighting for the cabin of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan is composed entirely of LEDs. This includes the reading and cabin lights in the rear and front, as well as the lighting in the glove compartment, the storage compartment under the center armrest, the footwells, the mirrors in the sun visors and the boot, as well as the courtesy lights in the doors.

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The latest edition of the sedan sees BMW compiling on the sporting tradition of the 3 Series, whose exploits in race competition have earned it many accolades. The seventh generation of the sports sedan shifts the game ahead once again in terms of driving dynamics, not to mention premium quality and innovation, in its segment. Over the course of six model generations, the BMW 3 Series has ranked as the world's biggest-selling premium car, led the way for high-performance powertrain and chassis technology and earned a reputation as a pioneer of technological innovations in its segment. The new 2019 BMW 3 Series sedan represents not only the core of the BMW 3 Series range but also the heart and passion of the BMW brand. When the first BMW 3 Series arrived on U.S. shores in 1976 as a successor to the iconic BMW 2002, it built upon the sport sedan foundation pioneered by that model and launched a new name: the BMW 3 Series that would become BMW's most successful model - a status it retains to this day. BMW proudly introduces the seventh generation of the iconic sports sedan, the BMW 3 Series. For the past 40 years, there is no single model that has embodied the concept of the Ultimate Driving Machine better than the iconic BMW 3 Series Sedan. Exceptional efficiency, modern design, agile handling and innovative equipment features, all signature characteristics of a BMW, have been raised to a higher level through tireless engineering and testing.

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Other features of this engine include a lighter crankshaft, limited internal friction, optimized heat management and a new digital engine management system. Boasting diverse detail upgrades including the new 2.0-liter and inline 4-cylinder powering, the new 2019 BMW 330i unit delivers 255 hp between 5,000 and 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 295 lb-ft from 1,550 to 4,400 rpm! The High Precision Injection system ensures precise fuel metering and particularly clean combustion, its new fuel pump generating maximum pressure of 350 bar compared with the 200 bar of the previous version. The improved direct injection system enables optimal fuel flow through the combustion chambers with atomized fuel delivered by multi-hole injectors. A splendid 0 to 60 mph time of 5.6 seconds belies the enhanced efficiency of the new BMW 330i Sedan. The 7 hp increase in output and the special 37 lb-ft of torque compared with the predecessor engine are the result of the focused optimization of the BMW TwinPower Turbo system - which is made up a twin-scroll turbocharger, High Precision Injection direct petrol injection, VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing.